Plié: To Bend


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The plié, meaning to bend, is inherent in all dance movements and is one of the essential techniques of ballet.   The plié is a movement, not a position, that a dancer moves through to get to the next step.

As the plié is so important it is one of the first exercises executed at the barre.  Why do we practice the plié?  Why is it so important?

The plié strengthens the legs, increase turnout, and helps to feel your centre of balance.  It warms up the entire leg.  The fundamental role of the plié is to lower and lift the body’s centre with proper alignment.  The plié acts as a spring to move the upper body vertically or to propel it through space.  To plié is to practice your jumping legs.

If a dancers plié is not well aligned, all technique will suffer.

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Yes, winter is still here! The body says so!

Take good care in the cold!


It’s mid February and much of the country has been experiening quite the winter weather patterns. Whether you have been experiencing a 20 degree day followed by a 70 degree day the next, sunny afternoons few and far between, snow blizzards ending with 6 feet of snow in 2 days, or very possibly all of the above – it’s not been the easiest on the body. Whether a sniffle here and there, the full on flu, or just daily aches and pains, winter weather is never easy on the body. IMG_0004

So what are some ways you can do to battle the winter weather blues which will keep you smiling from the inside and out?

Listen to music – nothing is better than listening to some good music.  Maybe start with listening to Becks Morning PhaseGrammy award winning album of 2014.

Watch movies (bundled up in your warmest blanket)…

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