La Moneta comes to Vancouver


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moneta-img_4874I am so excited that the time has arrived!  I have travelled to Vancouver to attend the one week workshop July 6-10th with guest artist Fuensanta “La Moneta”, hosted by Flamenco Rosario in Vancouver BC.  It is a treat to have such an amazing artist who has been immersed in the culture and development of Flamenco for over 20 years.  It is a thrill to become the student for a week and bring home to my students all that I will learn.

Fuensanta “La Moneta” began her career as a child of 10 in fuensanta the tablaos in Sacromoimagesnte of Granada, Spain.  From here she has developed an amazing career, dancing and teaching over half of the world.  Her awards, to name a few, began with a first prize in the Dancing Festival de Cante de Las Minas de La Union in 2003. As a creative young artist she has produced many pieces and is renowned for her drama and compas.  She has performed in the best festivals in Spain and worldwide, including the Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla 2012 and the Jerez Flamenco Festival 2015.

La Moneta is pushing the future of the art of Flamenco.  She is contemporary without losing the roots and essence of the dance.  “Flamenco is a living art in constant renewal,” says La Moneta.  “I preserve the past and the foundation but look forward to the development of Flamenco.”  She spreads the joy for Flamenco with her workshops, one of which I am so delighted to participate in!


So stay posted for pictures and another blog post about my amazing week!  I have my Flamenco shoes and am ready to dance!  Time for the teacher to learn.

Check out this amazing video of La Moneta performing!   

For more information on the workshop from July 6 – 10 and Rosario Flamenco studio in Vancouver, BC:

Summer Sessions at Miss Corrine’s School of Dance


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Summer is here but the dance classes continue!  Miss Corrine’s School of Dance is IMG_0686offering several camps and classes during July and August for ages 4 to 75 listed below.  Keep dancing this summer!

All Dance Camps and classes are located at 622 Victoria St in Nelson, BC.      


Classes are limited.   Register online now by clicking this link:

Term One of the second year of Miss Corrine’s School of Dance will begin September 14th.

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Plié: To Bend


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The plié, meaning to bend, is inherent in all dance movements and is one of the essential techniques of ballet.   The plié is a movement, not a position, that a dancer moves through to get to the next step.

As the plié is so important it is one of the first exercises executed at the barre.  Why do we practice the plié?  Why is it so important?

The plié strengthens the legs, increase turnout, and helps to feel your centre of balance.  It warms up the entire leg.  The fundamental role of the plié is to lower and lift the body’s centre with proper alignment.  The plié acts as a spring to move the upper body vertically or to propel it through space.  To plié is to practice your jumping legs.

If a dancers plié is not well aligned, all technique will suffer.

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