Yes, winter is still here! The body says so!

Take good care in the cold!


It’s mid February and much of the country has been experiening quite the winter weather patterns. Whether you have been experiencing a 20 degree day followed by a 70 degree day the next, sunny afternoons few and far between, snow blizzards ending with 6 feet of snow in 2 days, or very possibly all of the above – it’s not been the easiest on the body. Whether a sniffle here and there, the full on flu, or just daily aches and pains, winter weather is never easy on the body. IMG_0004

So what are some ways you can do to battle the winter weather blues which will keep you smiling from the inside and out?

Listen to music – nothing is better than listening to some good music.  Maybe start with listening to Becks Morning PhaseGrammy award winning album of 2014.

Watch movies (bundled up in your warmest blanket)…

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Miss Corrine's School of Dance

Bones of the feet Bones of the feet

Oh how I love metatarsals!  I love teaching that word to the little ones.  They go home and show the adults in their life where their metatarsals are, and most adults sadly do not recognize this most important part of your foot.

Metatarsals, in a rather simplistic way, are the bones in your feet that attach your ankle to your toes.  There are 26 bones in your feet comprised of 7 tarsals (sole of the foot), 5 metatarsals (after tarsals) and 14 phalanges (toes).  These bones help form the arches that run across the foot and the length of the foot.

When discussing the foot, we group these bones into segments, the rear food, the mid foot and the forefoot.  There are so 26 bones and 34 joints in the ankle-foot complex.  The forefoot has my favourite bones, the metatarsals!

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THE FUTURE OF BALLET: The Cirio Collective

Check out the video!

A Ballet Education

The Cirio Collective if the first of five start ups I am going to endorse/plug/support throughout the year. To donate click here.

While it is important to be educated in ballet, it is more important to understand that ballet/dance is a living and breathing art form constantly evolving. It is hard to be progressive in today’s industry because genres are becoming more and more blended. That is the thing about ballet, the evolution and expansion is happening at a rate no one ever could have predicted. When ballet dancers would wait for new choreography, it was one thing. Now, ballet dancers are have become impatient with artistic staff (it is super costly to have a choreographer come in and set a new work, and super risky for a payoff) they are exploring their own forms of movement.

While dancers all across the world have been starting small groups/labs/experiments, none…

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