In The Studio

Degas Dancers Ballet is a centuries old tradition and as such has it’s own proper code of of behaviour and etiquette. It is a practice that takes a great deal of patience and consistent commitment. A labour of love, it is meticulous and slow going. At times, it can be frustrating, an evolving process. Some advice for students taking a dance class:

1. Be focused, work very hard and with consistency, and be patient with yourself. There is no instant gratification in the art of ballet.

2. Respect your teachers and listen carefully to what they say, even when it is not personally directed at you.

3. Don’t be critical or envious of other dancers. We have different bodies (instruments) with individual strengths and weaknesses. Perfect your own strengths and improve your own weaknesses.

4. Competition in class is healthy. If there is a lack of competition, compete with yourself! Try to be a better dancer today than you were yesterday.

Degas Dancers

The dance school’s culture is one that follows traditional expectations in the studio. To conduct oneself in the studio, the following guides should be adhered to:

1. Arrive on time and remain for the whole class unless permission has been given to leave early.

2. Always acknowledge and thank your teacher when leaving early by permission.

3. Let your teacher know before class if you have an injury or physical issues.

4. Never leave the studio during class without permission.

5. Be properly dressed. Choose attire that will enable your teacher to see your body properly. Girls should have their hair securely up.

6. Never chit-chat during class. Request to to be recognized before speaking to your teacher.

7. Always be attentive when your teacher is speaking.

8. Never sit down, especially when your teacher is demonstrating.

9. Never turn your back to the teacher when they are speaking or demonstrating.

10. Keep an open and receptive body posture. Avoid stances such as hands on hips, arms folded across chest, etc.

11. Applaud your teacher a the end of class as a sign of respect and gratitude.

Most of all, have fun! Viva la bun heads!

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