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Bones of the feet Bones of the feet

Oh how I love metatarsals!  I love teaching that word to the little ones.  They go home and show the adults in their life where their metatarsals are, and most adults sadly do not recognize this most important part of your foot.

Metatarsals, in a rather simplistic way, are the bones in your feet that attach your ankle to your toes.  There are 26 bones in your feet comprised of 7 tarsals (sole of the foot), 5 metatarsals (after tarsals) and 14 phalanges (toes).  These bones help form the arches that run across the foot and the length of the foot.

When discussing the foot, we group these bones into segments, the rear food, the mid foot and the forefoot.  There are so 26 bones and 34 joints in the ankle-foot complex.  The forefoot has my favourite bones, the metatarsals!

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