Boomer Ballet Class Offered


You are never too old to start dancing!  Anyone can start at any time.  Many enjoyed ballet when they were young or desired to take a class but did not have the opportunity.  Many professional dance studios see this need in their communities and are opening their doors to adult classes, recognizing the benefit and value of ballet to people of all generations.

You Tube Documentary on Adult Ballet in San Francisco

Miss Corrine’s School of Dance is now offering a gentle and progressive Adult Ballet program for women and men.  Classes range from “Basic Ballet” to “Ballet Technique” and “Boomer Ballet”, from raw beginner to intermediate.  The Adult Ballet program allows you to advance at your own pace through the levels.  You may start at any time.  Progressive classes and personal attention inspire adults to better their dancing and their appreciation of dance.

Ballet is an ideal way to stay in shape.  It develops strength and endurance, stretch and flexibility.  Dancers have better rhythm, balance and agility.  An invigorating exercise, ballet improves appearance by correcting your posture and working the entire body systematically.  It improves circulation, relieves tension and headaches, builds up weak muscles and regulates breathing.  Dance also stabilizes blood sugar levels.  And, my favourite, it is a fundamental form for self expression which awakens the senses and attunes the mind to the body.  Plus you make new friends!

Miss Corrine’s School of Dance is offering an Introductory Boomer Ballet program starting on October 30 at 1:00 – 2:00 and running for 6 weeks.  A free ballet class will be offered on October 23 at 1:00.  Boomer Ballet is a gentle ballet class for the boomer generation.  No previous dance experience is required.

Call (250) 352-3545 to register, or register online by going to my Class Schedule page.  Keep dancing!


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