Many enjoy ballet for it’s beauty, it’s grace, and it’s musicality.  The enjoyment is what keeps dancers coming back to class.  But there is more!  Following are some of the additional benefits of ballet.

  • Ballet class provides physical conditioning.
  • Ballet class nurtures physical and mental discipline.
  • Ballet class decodes a new nonverbal language.
  • Ballet class develops literacy in the language of ballet.
  • Ballet class teaches the vocabulary of classical ballet.
  • Ballet class improves posture and grace.
  • Ballet class educates individuals so that they can appreciate and support live dance performance.
  • Ballet class provides connections with a a codified dance form based in the Renaissance.
  • Ballet classes fosters new friendships.

Can you think of any more?  Feel free to comment on my blog if you like with more benefits to ballet.

Keep dancing, feet!